Monday, May 12, 2008

Is blogging a new avenue to explore in Marketing ?

These days businesses in every Industry need a website to endorse their products and services to make a presence in the world. Every industry is trying to use blogs to market their product. Especially, software industry has content writers who write blogs in context to their products and market them.

Creating business blogs provides interactive information to their customers and makes the firm a better communicator. Blogs are also effectively used by search engines to rate the product. Immediate listing of company's website on the search results highly increases the popularity of the product. Apart from advertisement, firms can also get direct feedback from the customers to enhance their product features. Real estate industries are using blogs to promote their website in the local search engines and get customers.

How essential would the concept of blogging be for small and mid sized companies and whether this viral marketing can be used effectively for large enterprise would be a great topic to discuss.

What do you think ?