Friday, December 5, 2008

Zero Finance Car Marketing

Car Finance Marketing
In recent times I am starting to hear a lot of advertising on the radio for zero percent finance. The likes of Vauxhall and Renault are advertising it and Volkswagon is pushing it on commercial vehicles. And it sound like a great deal, especially when no one is lending money. I suspect that you don't gain much out of it. The price of the car will be adjusted to cover the cost of the dealer borrowing the money and lending it to you for free. But with interest rates at all time lows that differential has eroded and is far less noticable. It makes good sense for a strong company like a car manufacturer to borrow at these rates and use it to entice you to buy their product. But will car companies get burnt the way banks have in the last year. I presume they are not naive and will have thought of the risks (although I would have said that of the banks a year ago). I think it's a smart piece of lateral thinking and clever marketing.