Monday, June 2, 2008

Top Global Marketers

Who are the top global marketers? According to Advertising Age, there are two parts to the answer: top advertisers by media spend and the international agencies that handle them. The annual report, now in its 21st edition, is referred to as 'the dots'.
Some of the things that I found interesting in review the annual report include:
- Ad spending is tracked by a number of organizations: Neilsen, IBope, PARC, more
- The top spender is Proctor and Gamble, spending over $8.5 Billion dollars worldwide
- Many of the ad networks are owned by the same holding company (see page 3 of globa accounts report)
- Multiple networks will handle the same brand, and in some cases, ownership is broken down by line of the brand; for instance, Ford has 15 different accounts.
- You can view ownership by advertiser or account