Saturday, April 19, 2008

Funny thing about humor

Advertisers have long thought that humor sells products. About one third of all advertisements contain humor, according toAdrian Furnham, a professor of psychology at University College London. She also says that research shows that humor in an advertisement can help people with a sense of humor remember products; it sells products better than sex or violence.

The latest issue of The Economist claims that businesses that encourage humor in the workplace are more profitable and have lower employee turnover. Businesses who hire people with a sense of humor are "laughing all the way to the bank." [see link].

This is all good news for someone like me.

Karen Klein, writing for BusinessweekOnline, agrees that humor in the workplace increases business performance. However, she goes on to say, "Should
you select the funny guy for a job? I don't necessarily think you want to select the class clown..."