Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Is this "Brewed Coffee Card" effective?

Sandeep's repost of his dislike of Starbucks reminded me of my recent trip to Starbucks last Wednesday. I was running late and was dragging my tired carcass to the only Starbucks on my way to work seeking my liquid injection of caffeine. I typically frequent Starbucks 2-3 times a week only because I'm too lazy to prep my own coffee machine the night before to be ready for me when I wake up.

When I walk in one of the barista's recognized me even though she didn't know my name. In her way-too-early-piercing-cheery-voice slid this double card pack across the counter to me. Given my brain-pistons were not firing yet due to lack of caffeine, I grumble "what is this for?" Again, in her way-too-early-piercing-cheery-voice she says that since I'm a "preferred" customer they want me to use this card to bring a friend in every Wednesday to enjoy their new Pike Place Roast on them. Rubbing my blood shot eyes to read this card it says the card holder is entitled to one free 12oz cup of Pike Place Roast. There were two cards attached to this cardboard, one for a friend and one for me.

It wasn't until I got to work and had a chance for the caffeine to fill my veins like a heroine addict when I sat down and thought about this promotion. First, this is only good on Wednesdays. Does Starbucks really think I'm going to drink coffee with a friend on a workday?... no. Second, I'm typically a "grande" coffee drinker, not a tall drinker, so is Starbucks going to force me to reduce my habit so I can take advantage of it being free?...no! Lastly, do I really need to carry ANOTHER card in my wallet that's already overflowing of expired and pointless cards?

Honestly, I have enjoyed the "new" roast and have had it a few times since they introduced it. The strange thing is that I do not see much being said about this promotion and I wonder how I was "targeted" even though I'm not at Starbucks as frequently as other caffeine junkies. If I go to Starbucks regardless of this promotion then is the whole point for me to give this card to someone else who enjoys coffee and doesn't frequent Starbucks? I don't think I'm going to covert former Starbucks converts who are now diehard anti-Starbucks coffee drinkers. I don't know if I want this pressure of holding onto this extra card either!