Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sir Cliff lets fans set the price

It looks like what Radiohead have started is becoming a fashion. Now even Sir Cliff Richard is following the trend. Sir Cliff fans can the set the price of his next album, but with a twist. The more pre-orders the album receives; the less it will cost to launch it. The price now is £7.99. Can they make it cheaper? You decide!

October 30, 2007
Web User

The more people that pre-order the album, the less it will cost Veteran crooner Sir Cliff Richard is launching a new album on 12 November and it could cost as little as £3.99.

That's because the price will depend on the number of pre-orders for the album received before it goes on sale - the more there are, the less it will cost. The price currently stands at £7.99 and will be updated daily.

Love... The Album is a 15-track offering from Britain's answer to Elvis Presley, and will be digitally distributed in MP3 format when it goes on sale.

However, one analyst accused Sir Cliff of jumping on the bandwagon.

"Hot on the heels of Radiohead's price drop digital download initiative, Sir Cliff Richard has announced his own vaguely similar, but much safer, initiative for his forthcoming album," said Mark Mulligan of Jupiter Research.

Mulligan compared the concept to that of a US website called Amie Street, which works along the lines of a social network - recommendations can be made to other users, and music sold on the site starts off free and rises in price the more it is downloaded.

"The more people that pre-order the album the cheaper it will become, which in all honesty has more in common with Amie Street than it does Radiohead," said Mulligan.