Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Still more posts on Radiohead.

As I had indicated earlier,
we discussed the Radiohead experiment where users where invited to set the price for an album. Later, we learnt that this was a successful experiment raking in $6-10 million for the band.

Everybody now seems to be talking about this. Here are a few interesting links-

Free? Steal It Anyway (Forbes.com)

This article provides interesting numbers-

240,000 downloads on BitTorrent on day 1 of release.
100,000 downloads on BitTorrent for each day after release.
1.2 million online sales.

A Look at Anti-Marketing in the Radio Industry.

Fascinating article that describes how small bands can use this strategy to gain acceptance.

Cash at the End of Radiohead's Rainbow?

This article summarizes what we know about this phenomenon. Describes an interesting phenomenon called rickrolling!