Thursday, January 24, 2008

Superbowl advertisement targeted to hearing impared

The original article I read was:

This article is about the following advertisement scheduled to play at the super bowl:

I found this idea behind this article to be fascinating. I think the idea of cross over appeal between an niche segment of the market and the majority in addition to the entertainment potential of this idea really show creativity and will yield great results.

Obviously Pepsi is also trying to push its enabled platform through this advertising. The following article is about Pepsi and why they made it and about the making of it: and

I think the weakest part of it is actually tying Pepsi into the add. Sure the driver of the car takes a swig but I missed that until I specifically went looking for it.

It is an interseting to consider how effective that will be compared to their last superbowl add:

I think that advertisement definitly had more of an ability to showcase their brand and product.

It is also interesting to note both of the adds play heavily into humor, with the poor awakened people in the first video and the burned burgers and distracted Coca-cola employees in the second.

The Britney add seems more more consistent with Pepsi's advertising history such as the Cindy C add here: