Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Unilever creates contradicting marketing campaigns

I was reading on one of my favorite sites
about Unilever, which we all know makes several products including Dove soaps and Axe products. Although they are both bath and body products, they have completely opposite ad campaigns, which possibly contradict one another. Dove's "campaign for real beauty" is all about making women feel comfortable with their skin and bodies. The commercials feature regular looking women of all body shapes and ages, wearing little to no make-up and conveying the message that you are beautiful no matter what.

(I wanted to post a youtube here but for some reason, can't do it. It is called "Dove Evolution" and is a great commercial for the dove campaign. Check it out!)

The Axe campaign is just the opposite, and some would even say degrading to women, making girls look cheap and easy. The women in these commercials wear very little clothing and will do anything for a guy that uses Axe products.

Just a note on the website above, Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood is a great organization with the purpose of calling businesses out on the unfair targeting of children. I have a daughter, so I am very sensitive to these issues and this organization is successful in stopping harmful (sexist, unhealthy, etc.) campaigns. Everyone should check it out, especially those with kids!