Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Boeing loses "Tanker Contract" with Air Force

I thought this was pretty interesting article about Boeing. On Friday February 29, 2008, the air force announced that it would award the 40 billion Air Force tanker contract to Northrop and partner EADS, instead of Boeing. The Pentagon would only respond by saying that it held a very fair competition process. This caused such uproar, to think that our government is spending our tax dollars to create a European economic stimulus package instead of securing the American economy and military, and yes, at the expense of the U.S. workers. Boeing has asked for a debriefing as to why the Pentagon went to Northrop which is to happen on March 12. After that, Boeing will decide on any further action – as far as they are concerned they offered the Air Force the best value and the lowest risk tanker for its mission. Washington has lost out on its chance to add as many as 2,000 jobs locally and overall maybe around 6,000 - instead the jobs will go to Europe and Alabama. It’s amazing how our Air Force is trusting a foreign company to keep our military’s best interest in mind. This is a blow to the American aerospace industry.