Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pamper and Cheerios who benefit more?

A couple of days ago, I was at friend’s house and saw a dual advertisement. At first the video shows a father trying to teach his child to say dada as he changes dippers (the baby would only say mama). Then the commercial lead in to the next morning with them eating Cheerios and the child finally said dada. This one commercial really caught my attention. Perhaps I am in a marketing class and it got me to think more about a commercial each time I see one. This commercial is for both Pamper and Cheerios. It seems to me that company will work together to gain benefits. Even companies who are in the same market will work together to capture the market. I really question this commercial at first because it seems to me that not everyone have a young infant. Now that I thought about it maybe it benefits both companies. I am sure that advertisement expense is shared by both companies. So that’s a plus. But I am really curious, who benefits the most from this? It is Cheerios? Or Pamper?