Monday, March 3, 2008

"How Green is BP?"

How Green is BP? Article

Oil companies and an environmental image isn't an ideal pairing. However, BP's new marketing campaign is trying to do just that. BP originally stood for British Petroleum, but since its corporate rebranding program it has change its name to "Beyond Petroleum". Is this all about marketing and changing the way people view an oil company or is BP making an effort to be a "green" company. BP even went far as changing its logo to a yellow and green sunburst to suggest a cheerful and friendly message. BP was quick to promote itself as a green company with an abundance of billboard ads, transformation of company website, and cheerful television ad campaign (as shown below). BP has openly supported efforts to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska where the 19 million acres are home to polar bears, wolves, are caribous to name a few. BP's belief is that it will only leave a ''small industrial footprint.'' In 2001, BP paid $10 million fine for pollution and $7 million in 1999 for illegally dumping hazardous waste in Alaska. BP is not the only oil company that has been penalized, but they are the only oil company that promotes themselves as an environmentally friendly company. BP's marketing strategy has been widely scrutinize for its inaccuracy and has kept many people away from its oil.