Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Great Lexus Commercials

I think one of the leaders in car commercials is Lexus. Their commercials in particuliar seem to be very eye catching and has a good story plot behind it. The commercial does a great job in making their advertised car/suv feel luxury and as a "dream" car. The close up on the unique lines and the color combination that they choose is always classy. The Lexus RX330 commercial was great examples of making the audience feel as if the Lexus RX330 was a dream SUV - an ultimate sport utility vehicle that has the comfort and luxury in mind that people greatly desire.

The second lexus commercial that I enjoyed was the LEXUS LS460 commercial. They promote the SELF PARK functionality which is like a feature that you don't typically see in a car. It demonstrates a luxuary sedan of its own class - the environment that they used was very elegant, and using wine glass(es) to make the car feel as if the car was for special occasions. The car shows that it posses "classy appeal" this is done by choice in color of the car and the lighting used to display the sedan.