Wednesday, March 5, 2008

YouTube contests

YouTube holds different contests constantly for its audience to become active on the website, besides just watching different videos, sometimes working with other companies. A contest that ended about two weeks ago was about Swiffer. It was a 'break up' contest, where you break up with your broom and show your dance moves. One of my friends won the contest, he worked with a studio to produce this video and got 10% of the earnings. It is up in the air if this commercial will be viewed on TV but it was chosen as the winner of $15,000.

The different types of contests not only give people the knowledge of the product but it also gives them an opportunity to be creative and win something from it. It is a great marketing prospect for potential consumers and provides some feed back as to how many people are interested in the product, by receiving the data back on how many people make a video and how many people watch and rate them. There is a deadline for each submission and a time period on how long people can vote, giving them exposure to different commercials that people come up with. Each has its own vibe to it, and different type of response, which the companies marketing department can explore and receive valuable feedback from, since YouTube is a well known internet website that has a high viewing rate.