Saturday, March 8, 2008

Macbook Air

Apple recently released their newest laptop, the thinnest computer ever made. The commericals on TV compared the Macbook Air to an envelope and showed it to be similar thickness. From the looks of it, it seems Apple is targeting teenagers and high tech people. But when we take a look at the specs of Air, we see it has only one usb port, no external battery, no dvd-drive and very low techincal parts for the price. College students will be very hesitant to buy this because it lacks in the entertainment department. Only people who would actually consider this are people who travel a lot. But for them I think it will be a challenge because of the one usb port. Apple was trying to go beyond the call of duty with Air and I think it will sell not as well as they expect. The main two reasons for this are the price that it sells for and the usability of the product. I think Apple was focusing too much on the design and evolution of laptops and not on how useful it is for the people who use it.