Friday, March 14, 2008

Computer Advertising

When we turn on our TV, we sometimes see Dell commericals show their laptops or Apple showing how thin their MacAir is. But is advertising their best way to market a computer. In my opinion when of the easiest and cheapest way is to send your new product to a review magazine or a website such as CNet. When people buy technology they usually look for reviews and rating on how their product are, such as how fast can the computer run, how much hard drive it has etc. In the introduction phase of marketing a new product it is imperative to get 'early' innovators to like your product. If they do, they will help spread your product by word of mouth which will in turn help your product to be known by others. Review magazines and websites will help convince them about the quality of your product. Also it costs the manufacturing company no marketing fees besides the initial hardware and the benefits can be enormous. But there is a negative side, if you product gets a bad rating then it could cause people to be less interested and hurt potential sales. Advertising can draw consumers into thinking about buying your products but what pushed people actually buying is data, facts and recommendations from people.