Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Personalized Starbucks Cards

Here is an example of promotion at its best. You can make you own personalized Starbucks card, or give it as a gift, all online in a few minutes. Starbucks allows you to choose from four different card themes with different pictures. You are then allowed to choose a color for your card, all Starbucks classic muted tones of course. Then choose a pretty pattern for it. You can select your favorite type of Starbucks beverage, hot espresso drinks, iced espresso drinks, blended, teas, etc. After choosing the type you choose all of your exact drink specifications including extra foam and no whip (they really thought of everything). You can then choose to write your own personal message in a variety of fonts. You then select how many cards you would like to order and then a dollar amount to be added to the card with a $15 minimum. You can also choose a special gift card holder for the card ($4.99). You then put in all of your information (including phone number and e-mail address) and the card is shipped to your door, ground shipping is free. When it comes to prepaid and gift cards this is definitely new.