Tuesday, March 11, 2008

$$ Marketer’s Favorite Game Show $$

The Price is Right, one of the longest running game shows on the face of the earth! After waking up and pouring my bowl of Cheerios I sat down to watch the best game show on television. I have seen The Price is Right many times before, but today it hit me that this show must have been created by a super human team of marketers. The game starts with a flashy lights around the screen and a loud announcer telling people to "Come on down! Your the next contestant on, The Price is Right." There are retro colors covering the stage and sexy models displaying each product that can be won. The premise of the game is to know various products like the back of your hand. The contestants are chosen at random and then allowed onstage only after they can guess the price of a random consumable good. Then they are given yet another chance to win something else they don't need, whether it is a car, vacuum, TV, dish sets, or a vacation. This is a great idea for companies to promote products and set price expectations for their products. If only we could find a way to make our Intro to Marketing class as fun as the Price is Right.