Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Nokia the bright future.

Nokia has become one of the World’s leading manufacturers of mobile devices. They achieved this primarily by putting a strong focus on R&D in the beginning of this century. R&D represents 31% of their total workforce(21,453 people), which is scattered across 11 different countries.

Nokia's Morph Concept phone(fist video below) may look like something from Star Wars at first glance, but this technology may very well be here sooner than any of us imagine. In this short animated film Nokia is a presenting their new Morph Concept phone. This video illustrates not only the capabilities of the phone (with emphasis on Nanotechnology) but also the transfer of sophisticated culture that will touch everyone and by doing so will better human life and our planet.

Notice the placid and tranquil musical rhythm, almost silent and yet surrounded by an ergonomic atmosphere, simplicity, design, flawlessness, sustainability, eco awareness, and mind-blowing technology. The viewers are simply mesmerized with appreciation and delight, intuitively aspiring and admiring the progress of human technological achievement.

Nokia 888 (second video below) is a more realistic short term technological innovation. As viewers watch the commercial closely they notice a lot of services that already exist today, such as Google Earth and Facebook. Again, Nokia focuses on benefiting and revolutionizing human interactions, from the time you wake and throughout the day. The phone becomes not just the tool for communication but a portal into a virtual world that shapes peoples everyday life patterns. Indirectly the underlying message is, "you will miss out on too many things, if you don't have Nokia 888".