Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Store Samples

Mmm ... samples! Article

Many stores setup a small table with a demonstrator on hand to display a sample product. The store that comes to many people's mind is Costco. Costco is known to setup tables all around its stores on the weekend when traffic is the highest to display a variety of their products. Costco's marketing plan is to target impulse buyers with items ranging from food to shampoo. Customers come to the store without plans to buy the sample product but if they are satisfy with the sample product, they will purchase it (conveniently located next to the table). Demonstrators are educated about the product and trainned to correctly cook the product for a good representation of the item and to have higher sales. Trader's Joe's idea is to put out sample of new items for the customers to test before they purchase. Samples are tempting to customers, just the smell of food cooking will make customers buy the product.

Samples = sales surge