Sunday, February 3, 2008

An amazing new projector!

This is a very interesting new product.

Another application for this product would be to use it to display advertisements in all sorts of areas that do not currently have them. Perhaps one of the most understated values of this device is that it requires no focus. This means that it can be displayed on items of unequal height or at uneven distances such as objects that are at an angle or moving objects.

Consequently this device could be used to display advertisements on the sides of passing cars in a tunnel, on the side of a bus, or might simply be used to create full 30 fps video advertisements on ordinary billboards.

The lower power requirements and likely reasonable cost of this device are additional factors that will likely contribute to creative adoption of it into non-traditional environments. Admittedly 10 ANSI lumens will be very limiting. The projector I am currently using to write this post is over 600 lumens and it is washed out easily with too much ambient light. However as an exciting new technology this is definitly something to keep an eye on.