Sunday, February 17, 2008

Registration pages – An introduction to the company

When entering a website for the first time, what does it say about that company when you are required to ‘opt-out’ of any promotional offers/advertisements?

First and foremost, it speaks volumes to the fact that this particular company is highly likely to pass along or sell you personal information to their sponsors. In today’s electronic era, no one needs to be inundated with more information.

Next, it seems to give the initial impression that they believe consumers aren’t going to pay attention to their website, thereby allowing them to deceive you into receiving these unsolicited advertisements. There are hundreds of websites for companies that don’t take this advantage. Why? Obviously, the companies that allow the consumer to choose to ‘opt-in’ for these advertisements and special offers is confident enough in their webpage and product since they allow the consumer to make a choice. A great man, President John F. Kennedy, stated the four fundamentals of consumer rights, one being the right to choose. The assumption of acceptance is borderline criminal. These companies are taking away this given right by presuming what the consumer wishes to receive once the transaction with the company is completed. Once you are sucked into the realm of receiving these unsolicited advertisements, most of these companies choose to make the ‘opt-out’ policy difficult, if not impossible, to find.

Is there a code of ethics that should be applied to all websites where this offer is given?