Monday, February 25, 2008

Nike launches green basketball shoe!

Sportswear giant Nike has joined forces with basketball star Steve Nash to launch what it claims is the first basketball shoe made from manufacturing waste.

The Nike Trash Talk, modelled on the Nike Zoom BB II Low, uses waste leather and synthetic materials from the factory floor, as well as environmentally preferred rubber which reduces toxics.

The show meets Nike's Considered design standards for sustainable product innovation and, said the company, was inspired by Nash's passion for environmental awareness.

Nash, guard for the Phoenix Suns, said: "Any opportunity to promote the environment and preserve our planet is a step in the right direction. I'm very excited to be one of the first athletes to wear the Nike Trash Talk."

Nike footwear designer Kasey Jarvis said he was looking for a "here and now" solution to footwear waste in creating the design. The shoes will be sold in various colours at the House of Hoops by Footlocker retail outlets.

A great way to promote the care for our environment. Using a worldwide brand name that everyone knows! Will it create more awareness? Is it positive marketing for Nike? I think so, definately.