Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Superbowl, One of Marketer's favorite days

We all know that besides the game, people look forward to watching the Superbowl because of all of the new comercials that will be televised, at least thats how I feel. This is the one big day that marketers have to show off their products to the world, seeing as how the Superbowl is the #1 watched program in the country. I figure, since company's pay so much to advertise their products, these comercials better be good (funny, entertaining, etc.). Most of them were, for example the beer comercials (bud light & budweiser). It seems like every year these two beer company's compete against each other for the #1 spot. In watching these comercials, I believe that the money that these company's spent to promote their beer, was well spent. They were creative and grabbed the attention of consumer's, and anyone who has tried their product (beer), knows that they can trust these two company's and that they hold great value in their product (3 C framework). This is important for a company to have if they want to be successful, which these two are. However, as we talked about promotion in class, sometimes advertising does not always work. From a personal stand point, I thought that some of the comercials for some of the products that company's were trying to promote, were kind of dumb. For example, the comercial about the new Yukon Hybrid from GMC. Nobody new what the comercial was about until the end when they showed a picture of the Yukon. Or some of the CareerBuilder comercials; I thought that some of these comercials were a little weird as well. Im kind of curious to see what you guys thought of the comercials as well, so hopefully some of you will post some comments as well.