Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Facebook Backlash Against Required Application Invitations

On Zen and Computing - tech support website for everyday people - has an interesting article on the issue of forced application invitations which Facebook addons use as a marketing ploy to spread their userbase. I've been subjected to a few of them myself and find it to be somewhat frustrating.

"The Facebook group Official Facebook Petition: To ban the inviting of friends on Applications describes itself as:

We the members whom have joined this group hereby request that:

1. No application ask or require us to invite our facebook friends to anything for any reason.
2. The ability and privacy to block ALL application requests.

The group has arisen in response to the preferred marketing method of many Facebook Applications. These mini-programs bait members with custom graphics, games, and survey results, but withhold the rewards at the last step of their process until the member invites a certain number of their friends to also try out the application.

Many Facebook members have been inundated with daily invitations to install new applications - some attempt to climb out from the mountain of requests, while others ignore them completely. This Facebook group requests a third approach: cut the problem off at the source by banning all Facebook Applications from requiring members to invite their friends.

What do you think of Facebook Applications forcefully enlisting their audience for their own marketing purposes? If you use Facebook, how do you deal with the incoming waves of application invitations?"

Original Article: Facebook Backlash Against Required Application Invitations.