Monday, February 11, 2008

Time vs Newsweek

Its full fat Newsweek vs Diet Time. I am referring to the print edition. Till about 6 months back, Time was my preferred read and occasionally I used to glance at a Newsweek. Now the tables have turned. In my view, the new TIME is a disaster. In an attempt to spiff up the look they have sacrificed content. Articles are shorter and lack real depth and analysis. There is not much to read beyond 1-2 stories. On the other hand Newsweek, which has always been physically weightier (due to more pages) has upped the ante. There are frequent specials on topical issues (e.g Reviving America, China’s ascendancy) which go beyond one single lead story. The issue on “Reviving America” even had the Iranian President chipping in (Imagine that!). It seems the TIME team are targeting the younger reader who perhaps doesn’t have the attention span to read a long article. Well, they are alienating their core reader base. The damage is done. I have switched my subscription.