Thursday, February 7, 2008

Marketing Scams

Building on the Valentine’s post made by UWHottie, I wanted to bring up the fact that no holiday is safe from the advertising and marketing world today. It is very hard to miss all of the different ads to buy numerous piles of junk, right around Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter, etc. It is pretty sad that we have taken the religion and the meaning out of every holiday. Holidays like Christmas and Easter were meant for us to praise Jesus and all of the things he did for us. They were not, on the other hand, made for card, flower, chocolate, and toy companies to reap in all the benefits. It really breaks my heart that our society is so materialistic that we cannot see the real meaning of the holidays anymore. We can only see what is shown to us on television or in the Sunday morning ads. I hope that someday soon we would be able to look past all of the gifts.

I don't know about you, but I am never satisfied with the materialistic aspects of the holidays. I wish we could all just be happy recognizing the true meaning of the holiday, and learn that people and family are more important than the gifts we receive. Only then can we really enjoy these holidays.