Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bissell's MVP promo

In order to establish a better rapport with the consumers, Bissell, the vacuum cleaner company, is promoting a Most Valuable Pet photo contest. People can visit Bissell’s web-site and access the contest page through it. There, the viewers can submit their cat’s and dog’s pictures once a week, and the public gets to vote on their favorite one. The winner at the end of the week gets a vacuum, and the grand prize winner gets a photo shoot to be on the next year’s vacuums and their packaging.

I think that this promo is great for Bissell’s business, because people have to navigate through the site and some may even look at the wide inventory of the vacuums. Furthermore, because the vacuum company has a specific line to remove pet hair off the furniture, it’s a great opportunity to show its customers that Bissell “cares” about pets and their owners, and also to show their appreciation by giving away prizes every week, and one grand prize in May.
Bissell also has the promotion phase down, because once the pet owner submits their pet’s picture, then they will probably spend time telling everyone around them to go and vote on for their Sparky or Fluffy. This generates free publicity for the vacuum company via word-of-mouth.

Overall, this is a brilliant idea from the marketers at Bissell.