Monday, February 11, 2008

Diet coke plus: Addiction goes Healthy

Can’t give up the habit of 5 a day Diet Coke. Reduce your guilt by having Diet Coke plus, infused with Vitamins (or antioxidants). Add goodness to addiction. This sounds similar to McDonald’s attempt to go healthy with grilled sandwiches and salads. Make the heavy user feel good or less guilty about the habit , drive more consumption amongst occasional drinkers and pull back lapsed users who had health concerns about soda. Haven’t tasted it yet but if it tastes like Diet Coke (which is what the reviews say), it should add some fizz to the sales. The packaging is distinctive, but they miss the trick on pricing again (refer previous post- Strong Brands, Timid pricing). As an aside, contrast the prominence given to the parent brand on the packaging of “Diet Coke Plus” to “Jazz by Diet Pepsi”. Is this Pepsi’s attempt to get hardened Coke loyalists into its fold by downplaying the Pepsi logo on the pack? Maybe they have research which says a large number of Coke users don’t even look at anything branded Pepsi.