Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Starbucks "skinny"

Starbucks is offering a new "skinny latte," a name that has induced some controversy over its specific target toward women.

In Starbucks' defense, "skinny" is a term used in many, many products currently on the market. For instance, the ice cream brand, Skinny Cow..... or how about Slim Fast? This is a widely accepted method for marketing so-called weight-loss products in the US.

The real issues at hand are as such:
*Starbucks claims it is using the term only to promote a healthier lifestyle because its new beverage is made using nonfat milk and sugar-free syrups, which makes it lower in calories and fat. Starbucks spokeswoman, Alisa Martinez, claims the new coffee beverages "focus on the idea of taking better care of oneself."
**Problem --> Dietary requirements have continuously fluctuated. New studies are presented all the time advocating the reduction in consumption of a certain food/ingredient, often followed by some other study refuting that same finding....

From an ethical standpoint, "sugar-free" should not be able to be marketed with better nutrition or a more healthful lifestyle in any way because the effects the artificial ingredients used to produce the products have on our bodies are either known to be adverse or are under scrutiny.