Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Woman's Body and Our Views on What is BEAUTIFUL

I was thinking about how we as women have a lot of pressure on us to be thin. I am not the skinniest girl in the world and I feel that the only way that everyone in life will accept me would be to drop ten pounds. It is really disappointing to me that every commercial I see and every television show shows me a paper-thin airbrushed model as the main focus. No one looks like that in real life! So why do we put ourselves through the torture of dieting and agony of self doubt, when no one is really that skinny? The reason why, is we are programmed to think that way. The media has told us all our life that to be beautiful and accepted we must be stick thin and model perfect. Why have we let the entertainment industry take over our lives? Why can't we decide for ourselves what is beautiful? I just wanted to mention the company Dove who makes soap. Their ad campaigns are so great because they show women of all shapes and sizes. They show scars, pregnancy, fat...but to me it is more beautiful than a skinny model. Also the other commercial I posted is of the makeover of a woman and how her entire image can be changed by make up, a new hair style, and some changes on the computer. Nothing we see on TV and in the magazines are real anymore. So why do we still believe what they are saying to us? Dove provides what they call the Dove Real Beauty Workshops for Girls, where they teach girls how to be confident with themselves and how to not believe in the idea that skinny is not the only beautiful. I love this idea because it is starting to fight against this horrible idea that has been planted in each and every one of our heads. Hopefully some day soon, this idea will spread to everyone and we will be a much happier, much healthier society.