Monday, February 4, 2008

Valentine's Day, Another of the Marketers' Favorite Holiday

With the most romantic day of the year creeping up next Thursday, I am sure that a lot of guys who have a significant other are feeling the pressure. As with all of the big holidays, we are seeing, and hearing, an increased amount of jewelry commercials both on TV and on the radio from Zales, Kay, Shane Co, etc. The companies deploy ingenious plans, which drop little hints through the commercials in order to plant ideas in men's heads.

However, it is our society that feeds the fire for all of the jewelry ads. Every holiday is now NOT about being with the loved ones and family, but about RECEIVING gifts. And the more expensive they are the better, even if the giver has to go in-debt with the credit card company or borrow money from friends in order to make a loved one happy.

When I see the jewelry commercials, they make me sick. Sure they are showing the most glamorous and flashy diamond pendants, rings, earrings, but unless you are willing to spend over $800, you won’t get the size and prestige that they advertise on TV.

Remember guys: ~ Diamonds are NOT necessarily a girl’s best friend~ Don’t fall for the marketing ploy and be a smart consumer, which includes price shopping if you do decide to get some “bling”.

*I am hoping that some of you will respond to this post and comment on whether or not the jewelry ads and marketing techniques have any effect on your purchasing behavior*