Monday, February 11, 2008

Kings vs the Clown

I prefer a BK Whopper to a Big Mac anyday. It is simply a superior product, far more tasty and succulent than McDonalds’ comparable offering. McDonalds has far greater global reach and BK can never catch up (what a shame). But BK is doing well. Business results in the core US market have been strong with 16 consecutive quarters of growth.

The core target audience for the two brands has always been a bit different with BK attracting less children and more adults . With McDonald’s getting distracted with offering discount gourmet coffee, I see more burger lovers talking to the King rather than Ronald the clown. BK’s marketing has also been sharp over the last 2-3 years (to be expected from a challenger brand) with,, product (Whopper) creation/placement in “The Apprentice” and more recently the whopperfreakout. Thankfully in Hong Kong ( where I live), the BK franchisee seems to be quite strong as they are located at all the right places, e.g the airport , the tourist hotspot-Peak. Long live the King !