Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Honk for Vern Fonk

This new Vern Fonk Auto Insurance ad is brilliant! Although I would never buy insurance from Vern Fonk, he has found a great way to single out his potential customers. Most are irresponsible first time auto owners, DUI drivers not able to acquire auto insurance, and people who are not willing to research for better insurance. While other insurance companies relate to serious situations, for example (Allstate) "are you in good hands", emphasizing the risk and potential harm that they can protect you from if you are insured with them. Although in contrast Vern Fonk is dancing on cars, has women dancing on cars, and a crazy cowboy shouting "Shapoopi". Not exactly what I would consider a good insurance company, but this branding for Vern Fonk seems to work for his specific audience.