Thursday, May 8, 2008

Advertising the Crap Out of a Product

I think that advertising a product extensively may be a way to achieve TOMA, but not necessarily resounding success. If you look at the delivery pizza exercise from last night in class Domino's certainly had TOMA among the class, but that didn't extend to actually considering a purchase. I suspect that if there were no other options available and we *really* wanted pizza (or were more price sensitive) most of us would settle for Dominos.

Because of segments they target not all products will be of high perceived quality, and I think that we are confusing high perceived quality with product success. There are successful mediocre quality products when they are successfully targeted, priced appropriately, and promoted and distributed through the right channels.

In terms of advertising, at least those who advertise extensively care enough to talk to consumers about their product offering. Psychologically, this gives them an advantage over companies who think their products are so good they don't need to advertise them. Maybe it's the tone and style of blanket advertisements that make them more unsophisticated and offensive, instead of the fact people like Shane Co, Sleep Country, etc are advertising at all.