Friday, May 23, 2008

Nordstrom's in the news

According to the times, Nordstroms is about to start an online buying service, but you'll pick up your items in the store. That's a pretty interesting idea. One may suppose the point is to avoid losing the opportunity to deliver the famous Nordstrom "service", which is quite legitimately part of their brand. Once Nordy's stuff is delivered by mail, its not easy to maintain that brand over any other internet store. However, why bother at all? Clearly, Nordies doesn't want to lose a sale to someone who shops on-line.

I look forward to how this pans out. I don't know anyone who shops on-line for convenience, and likes the idea of having to provide their own transport for the goods after the sale. The mail is simply the most convenient method for me to receive my goods. I would think the shopping experience itself is an important time for enjoying Norstrom's branded service.

Bob B