Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How Entertaining/Annoying!

My son asked me about that "great" commercial they showed during the superbowl. He said that he didn't know who the advertiser was, but described the commercial and said, "oh, come on, Mom, you have to know it - everyone knows it. I think its about money. Like a bank or something." He wanted to find it on YouTube.

So I proceeded with a highly unscientific research project. I asked 16 people (co-workers, barista, parking lot garage gate keeper, friends, and stranger in elevator) all could tell me about the commercial but only one could tell me it was an e*trade commercial.

So were is the line between being entertaining and really getting your name out there?

How about the AFLAC duck commercials? I don't really know how that bird helped the profits of AFLAC, but I know I am not the only one who found them entirely annoying. But I bet you'd have a hard time finding someone who didn't know what company was being represented in those ads.

Entertaining or Annoying...hmmm. Which works best?