Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Preparing for an article presentation in class I was trying to think of ways to be a cut above the crowd and keep the audience engaged. I found this article about presentations and thought what a great topic for the marketing blog. I also thought how all of us including professors always commit at least one of these deadly sins! Of course that's my opinion, sorry if you disagree.

One of the more recent complaints from sales people I have witnessed is the customer reluctance to sit through a presentation about a product or service. I quote from a engineer' "Don't come with a power point presentation" in a recent appointment setting scenario in an attempt to demonstrate the features and benefits of a product.

Most power point presentations are owner/presenter developed (no fact in statement just a guess) and authored except for corporate logo and or image requirements. Should the marketing group or person with ownership of a product or service be strictly responsible for the presentation content and appearance beginning to end?