Thursday, May 1, 2008

McDonalds insults intelligence

Did the two McDonalds Restaurant representatives insult anyone else's intelligence besides mine during the discussion after Wednesday night's presentation on "Coffee Wars"? Both stated repeatedly that McDonalds advertisements are not attacking Starbucks and they don't even consider them a competitor.


What about What about the latest batch of TV ads ("now I don't have to know where Paraguay is")? Do they expect me to believe these are aimed at Dunkin' Donuts? Please.

These types of ads are one of the main reasons I have not eaten at McDonalds in 24 years. One representative admitted to another of these borderline-unethical advertisements when she talked about how parents who take their kids to McDonalds for the Happy Meal toy (not the food) often stop beforehand to get a latte. Let's see, we have a child begging mom and dad to take them to a restaurant, and no one wants the food! The kid wants the toy, and mom and dad stop elsewhere first to get something for themselves. What is wrong with this picture? Advertising aimed at getting children to bug their parents into buying a 25-cent toy for the cost of a meal, that's what.

Did you know that chairs in a McDonalds restaurant are specifically designed to be comfortable for about 10 minutes, but to become uncomfortable if you sit in them for more than 20 minutes? The background music is also designed to subconsciously get you out the door in 20 minutes. Don't get me started.

I don't think I'll be using that free latte card.