Friday, May 23, 2008

Cell Phone Ads...Influence in the Pocket?

During the class presentation on marketing through cell phone ads (e.g. alerts of nearby fast food restaurants) the point was raised that some consumers view this form of advertising as intrusive.

An issue that has been on my mind with this and for that matter all types of marketing is the degree to which certain, specific, strategies may annoy the customer.

If you had to wait 10 seconds for a Burger King ad (on your cell phone) when trying to make a call on your cell phone, would you be annoyed? (Maybe a lower cell phone bill might help to render this)?

Anyway, the effects on our view of burger king are at least 2-fold:
1. Burger King is on our mind (good for Burger King)
2. Burger King and feeling annoyed coincide (‘Pavlovian bad’ for Burger King).

Is effect 2 relevant? Should marketers consider this? Is it ok for Burger King but more of a problem for higher-end establishments? (i.e. Is this uniquely appropriate given the addictive nature of french-fries and a Whopper (for some customers))? Could this type of advertising push some consumers over the edge (‘I can’t quit BK!’)?