Sunday, May 4, 2008

Not Lovin' It

After reading Doug's post below I felt compelled to share my experience with McCafe from last Friday.

I must say that when I used my free card the other day I wasn't shocked at my experience given my experiences in the far past. I can't even remember the last time I even walked into a McDonalds, let alone actually order something.

When I handed over the card and said "mocha please" is when the chaos began. It took nearly two minutes for the cashier to input the card correctly into the cash register (after the manager coming over to help). I just chalked that up to how rare those free cards are I guess (yeah right!).

After inputting the card the cashier walked over to the large machine, filled the cup with a few pumps of chocolate, put the cup under the spigot, pushed the button but nothing happened. Again, calling over the manager to help a few more minutes pass by and a line of customers start to form behind me.

During my wait I couldn't help but notice the pricing menu for these drinks. On the left panel was the "Value Menu" where everything was around a dollar as expected. The panel to the right was the McCafe menu. After our visitors from the other day I got this impression that McDonalds is really pricing these drinks fairly cheaply to coincide with the rest of their menu offerings. I was surprised to find out that if I were to pay for my pretty little medium (not 'grande') mocha it would cost me $2.89+tax. I was shaking my head saying to myself "Yes I'd like to dollar menu double-cheeseburger for $1 and a mocha for another 3 dollars!"...something doesn't seem right with this picture on many levels!

Surprisingly, they finally get the machine to work. With my drink in hand I hurry back to my car and start my drive to work. While driving I take my first sip and I said to myself "OHHHH my gosh" (well not those words exactly!) The drink was obnoxiously sweet and nearly undrinkable. Probably a few too many pumps of the chocolate my dear 'barista.' I continue to drink it regardless and I never was able to find the espresso taste or buzz I was expecting.

Am I shocked at my experience? no. I did honestly want to at least say it's worth the money, which for $3 dollars, I can safely say not a chance. Well I guess I'm glad I had my freebie card but I'm now happy to pay an extra buck to get a decent drink elsewhere.