Thursday, May 15, 2008

Is a brand worth thinking about if nobody sees it?

My Ladyfriend/partner/mate has her own business, see This is a sole-proprietership, one person business she's run out of our home for 10 years. Its a fine business with capacity limited to her own capacity, and she's worked at her limit for many years. She has business through word of mouth, and has never advertised. We have no idea if her website has ever made a difference, we've only seen a rare interest from the web, and none of these queries have ever resulted in a contract. Does anyone think branding makes a difference in this case?

I am still seeing "brand strength" as a different way to discuss how the marketplace views your offering, and its usefullness as a concept is rendered quite unimportant in a scaled down situation in which connections are personal.

Bob Bernstein