Thursday, May 15, 2008

More brand discussion

I came across an interesting article, "Why Weird Words Make Great Brand Names," on Not only did this article have interesting commentary on branding like the following excerpt...

Most of the feedback takes the form of free associations, all in an effort to determine if a name is “good” or “bad.” It goes something like this…

Interviewer: “What do you think of the name Monster?”Respondent: “Ew! They’re scary and dangerous!”

Interviewer: “What about Amazon?” Respondent: “Jungle… drowning… snakes… piranhas…”

Interviewer: “Apple?”Respondent: “A bad apple spoils the whole bunch.”

Interviewer: “Caterpillar?”Respondent: “Squishy, soft, and squirmy.”

Interviewer to new business owner: “I think we can safely assume these would be bad brand names…”

...the site also has lots of additional articles on branding. How to approach it. What not to do. The politics of branding, etc. If this topic interests you, check out this article and more.