Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Game marketing

Until recently game marketing resonated with only the in-game ads in my mind. But when I started to understand digital marketing better, I was fascinated by the kind of options that the game marketers have in recent years. I think it all started with a change in perception that gamers are not just typical teen/young male anymore but
it does include both genders and varying age group. Refer the picture embedded in this article (source: "Why game marketing matters?" article from Forrester research) to know about Game marketer's choices.
Clearly there are more options, increased marketing budgets and an increased adoption to try out new emerging techniques in marketing. Check out http://www.postopia.com for instance. This is a gaming website targeted to promote all products sold by Kraft. ALso, surveys indicate that lesser consumers are annoyed (35%) by gaming ads compared to online ads( 85% annoyed). Also they have indicated they might consider the advertised while shopping.

I know we have some ardent gamers in our class. What are thoughts on how this type of marketing will shape up. Do you get annoyed with in-game ads?