Monday, November 12, 2007

America crazy about breadbox on wheels called Smart car

While in Europe this summer i noticed everyone was driving these tiny cars called "Smart Cars" And ever since i have been back i have heard the buzz of them bringing the smart car to the united states. Now these cars will be here within the next 2 months. With the growing concern over global warming i think that some might turn to these cars as a way to be more fuel efficient. However im sure that most people are concerned for thier safety in such a small vehicle. I myself know of many other options if you are looking for a alternative fuel vehicle but have never looked into this one. You wont be seeing any advertisiments for this vehicle because the creator says there is no need after all there are 30,000 people in online reservations already. So only time will tell if these futurisitc gas conserving vehicles will be hot or not.