Monday, November 12, 2007

Do Something

There is a new nonprofit organization found online at that is made to reach teens between the ages of 13 and 19. This organization is branded by Doritos, Gamestop, and Del Monte. If you go to this website, type in a charitable idea, and if they like it the organization will fund your idea and you receive a grant of $500. For example, a 15 year old girl in New Jersey posted an idea of taking 24 women and children from a homeless shelter and taking them near her home to her local zoo for the day. So, the organization funded their trip and gave this 15 year old girl $500 dollars for volunteering and reaching out to people in need. I think this is a wonderful opportunity that these brands took to be associated with such a great and positive organization. Do Something endorses the Doritos brand on their website by saying, "Thought the Doritos brand just made chips? No way. The Doritos team believes 100% in the power of young people to speak out and change the world." This helps Doritos immensly considering the bad publicity they have received in the past for being a snack that contributes to child obesity.