Monday, November 12, 2007

Israel: The New Hotspot

A $15 million dollar campaign kicked-off this weekend to promote Israel as the premier winter vacation hotspot. Marketing efforts included new countries in Europe and Asia that contributed to local tourism. Countries including the US, Germany, England, Russia, France and Holland were also targeted as they provide regular inflow of tourists.

The main focus was on Eilat as a tourist destination. I learned from that Eilat is a modern city with attractive activities. Eilat boasts an exciting nightlife, activities surrounding the ocean and desert. The Winter climate is quite favorable as opposed by the scorching summer temperatures which may reach a high of 103*F.

To ensure that marketing efforts would promote a hotspot created on fact and not hype, the
Moshavim tourist movement created a contract including area hotels, entertainment businesses and restaurants. Participants were asked to sign an agreement to maintain high standards in quality and truthfulness in exchange these businesses would receive promotion from the Moshavim Movement.

Increasing promotion efforts and revamping the city's image are expected to increase tourism from 2.1 million this year to 5 million in 2012. When are you planning your next trip to Israel?