Monday, November 12, 2007's animated commercial 07

I'm sure most of you have seen's relatively new animated commercial? With that guy playing the guitar singing about When I first saw it I though to myself: "What is this? This is kind of ridiculous and annoying." Then I saw the commercial over and over again because it's played constantly on tv. I'm not gonna lie, I now catch myself singing it! haha... It is pretty catchy after you here it so many times. I don't know what's advertisers were thinking with this commercial, maybe something a bit different since you don't see many jingles these days. Anyways, I thought to myself.. is this commercial going to affect me as a consumer? And I thought... If I'm gonna buy something(which about 80% of my purchases are online), I'm going to look on ebay first but I guess I'll check for the hell of it, I mean... I am singing the jingle!
So maybe the commercial worked? I don't know. I never really knew anything about until I visitited the site after seeing the ad. Since then I've visited the site numerous times to look up a few products and prices. Just like the song says, "free shipping" is definitely appealing.
Tell me what you think?