Monday, November 12, 2007

Shoppers Want More Customer Reviews

Before when purchasing products on line i never really checked out the consumer reviews. Mostly because it was only 2 or 3 diffrent people reviewing these products and it was usually split down the middle in terms of if the product was worth buying or not. After reading this article it seems more important to read them and take into consideration what other consumers are saying. In this article it talks about all of the recalls on toys and safety concerns of food and it really makes sense to read these reviews now. Each consumer is where you are, trying to find the best product possible and any bit of advice can help. Especially when it comes to concerned parents when they are shopping so that they know if the paint on a product they are buying for there child is going to harm them or if something could break off and they could choke. Reviews are also a great way to hear what consumers with the same interest are buying because you never know you could find something you never thought you would buy will be on your next list of things you need.