Monday, November 12, 2007

The Social War

When Myspace and Facebook, YouTube are common references on day –time television, it’s hard to remember just a few short years ago when user-generated content and social networking sites weren’t are preferred forms of communication. And as these sites are embarking upon the great world of advertising, it is even more difficult to believe the slim few who still contest that advertising is a dying art.
So what’s next is the question that should be reigning through our ears. What is next, as Facebook has been declared one of the largest social networking sites of the virtual world, and recently launching a new advertising method by using an approach more closely laced with behavioral targeting to reach it’s users in a relevant yet non evasive way. Users still set their privacy settings and ultimately decide what they wish to view and what if any of their actions are published to their friends and affiliated companies.
A social networking war is in the making, as Facebook dominates the scene. How will Myspace gain ground? By calling upon the help of its buddy Google!
Google is by far one of the preferred search engines, offers countless services to their users, and continues to be on the forefront of Internet technologies, but does this mean that they will aid Myspace in stealing users from Facebook? Or perhaps just aid Myspace in gaining some ground, as so many Social Networking users are multiple account users.